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Japanese Cultural Exchange, Sightseeing Tour for foreigners

Fuji Taxi is located in Yuumachi, Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, and has been in business for over 50 years.

The “Sightseeing Tour for foreigners” sponsored by the Iwakuni Chamber of Commerce and Industry was held, and Fuji Taxi participated as a provider of sightseeing taxis.

The tour from 10:00 to 16:00 was held for foreign customers with a total of 3 taxis, 2 regular taxis and 1 jumbo taxi.

In order for foreigners to get a deeper understanding of Japanese culture and the town of Iwakuni, the tour content allows you to learn about and interact with various cultures.

Textile dyeing experience

We had a cloth dyeing experience to get to know Japanese dyeing culture, and we enjoyed it a lot.

Everyone in the Chamber of Commerce was wearing beautiful costumes and welcomed us while playing music.

This time we made a tote bag.

Interacting with people from the Chamber of Commerce

Dyeing work

Welcome to dyeing experience

Memorial Photo Session

Beautiful Costume

Create a tote bag.

Relation ship with members

working dye

Create a tote bag

Divide into each group and start dyeing!

There are also people who can speak English in the area, so you can enjoy dyeing while being taught in English. We learned about the process of making dyes by tying them with strings and attaching them to liquids. At the end, everyone was wearing costumes and we took a commemorative photo.

We recommend this experience!

Wasabi Tororo Don in Waka no Sato

Waka no Sato is located in the mountains of Shutomachi, 20 minutes from the Chamber of Commerce by taxi, surrounded by deep forest.

We visited this time because I sympathized with the shop owner’s desire to see and experience “Waka no Sato” surrounded by beautiful nature.

Fashionable curtain

Recommended wasabi tororo bowl

Cooking description

When you enter the store, the atmosphere of “Japan” is transmitted to the whole area and you will feel calm.

The owner can speak English and tell us the history and culture of the store in an easy-to-understand manner.

Everyone was happy to experience the feeling of Japan while enjoying wasabi and tororo. In fact, I ate it for the first time, but the taste of wasabi that I had never eaten covered the concept of wasabi and it was very delicious.

We thought, does it suit the taste of foreigners? But I’m glad that everyone has finished eating and was able to experience another culture.

If you are worried, please leave it to Fuji Taxi, as the road that ordinary cars can finally pass is heading into the mountains.

Local liquor store Isoda

We walked around the city of Iwakuni. There are many famous local sakes in Yamaguchi prefecture, so we stopped by a liquor store.

Dassai, Gangi, Murashige, Gokyo, etc. … We were pleased with the many local sakes that foreigners also know.

Histrical liquor store

Store description

Foreingners are very interested in Jaoanese sake.

Please make fun with Sake

What Fuji Taxi is trying to do

○All the staff are striving to provide a comfortable ride.

○Based on the concept of health management, we make a health declaration to improve the health of our employees.

○We keep the inside of the taxi clean.

〇All employees will work together to contribute to the local community.

〇Thorough disinfection and air circulation 

Introduce our Fuji Taxi

4 small taxis (capacity of 4 passengers) ・ It is a general taxi that everyone knows.

It is a standard specification that supports everything from regular transfers to sightseeing.

Basically waiting at JR Yuu station.

It is a taxi that you can get on at the station, call and stop by raising your hand in the city.

Advance reservations are also possible.

Sienta taxi (capacity of 4 passengers)

We handle everything from regular transfers to sightseeing.

We can also get on base for US military.

It can be used by people in wheelchairs, and the interior of the car is large, so we will provide it according to the customer’s application.

Welfare taxi * Wheelchair users can also use this taxi.

Wheelchairs have very different seat cushions and structures than normal car seats. We try to drive gently so that our customers do not get motion sick.

There are also types that allow you to ride with a wheelchair and types that allow you to travel while lying on a stretcher.

It is one of the indispensable services in the aging society in the future.

Jumbo taxi (up to 9 passengers can ride)

There are regular trips from JR Yuu Station to Chidorigaoka Hospital and from Chidorigaoka Hospital to JR Yuu Station.

It can also be used as a sightseeing taxi. The inside of the car is large so you can spend your time comfortably.

Sightseeing taxi (small, Sienta, jumbo taxi available)

 With a driver from one person to a small number of people. We will show you the recommended sightseeing courses for Fuji Taxi and your favorite sightseeing courses. We will provide you with a memorable trip according to your needs. You can travel by taxi, so you don’t have to worry if you don’t know the geography for the first time.

*Advance reservation is required to use

*We will discuss and confirm with the customer the time, pick-up location, price, etc.

Take a convenient sightseeing taxi to a little-known spot and seasonal spots

There are many famous spots and hidden spots in Iwakuni. For a small group trip with like-minded friends and family, we recommend using a sightseeing taxi that goes around a model course with a theme. It is possible to guide you to seasonal places and hidden spots, and you can make small turns and flexibility, and create custom-made courses.

Supports a large number of 20 or more

It can also be used by a large number of people such as family and company events.

All cars will be “completely non-smoking cars”. It’s safe even with small children.

If you smoke while traveling, please feel free to ask the crew.

◆Lost Item

Please confirm by phone and let us know the boarding date (time zone), boarding place, destination, etc. in addition to the characteristics of the forgotten item, and we will guide you smoothly.

For reservations, please call 0827-63-0038

We will wait from Line

Looking for our companions