Shopping agency

Are you having trouble with your everyday shopping?

The concept of "shopping refugees" has become a challenge for the society, due to a declining birthrate and aging population.

Fuji Taxi's unique shopping agency service is a way to support these customers, delivering the groceries to their homes.

Service contents

  • Shopping agency
  • Reservation of hospital and receipt of medicine
  • Posting mail
  • Acting for cleaning the grave, etc.

This member-only service requires a reservation.

Reception time
Usage fee
(Up to 30 minutes)
Service area
Around Yuumachi, Iwakuni
  • A fee of 980 yen is required for every additional 30 minutes.
  • It may not be possible to respond on the same day in case of many reservations.

We look forward to your use

It is the mission of Fuji Taxi to make customers smile through taxis.
If you are looking for a shopping agent, please feel free to contact us.

TEL 0827-63-0038

Telephone reception hours 9:00-17:00