Company Vision

To make a new beginning
a matter of course

Thank you for using Fuji Taxi.

The social role of taxis has changed with the times to support the outings of everyone who visited Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, including the local people of Yuumachi, Iwakuni City.

We will continue to work together with the local community to create smiles for our customers, aiming to be a safe, secure, and kind community-based taxi company for our customers, and will continue to devote ourselves to the future.

Thank you very much.

Ueki Hiromitsu

CEO / Ueki Hiromitsu

Company Mission

We, Fuji Taxi, will continue to contribute to the local community through our passenger transportation business and become a company that will lead the next era.



Diamond FUJI

Aiming to be a taxi company with the highest customer satisfaction

Business knowledge

Safe driving, legal compliance, altruistic spirit

Fuji Taxi's new initiative

Shopping agency business

"Shopping refugees" are becoming a problem for a society with a declining birthrate and an aging population.
The shopping agency service is expected as one of the means to save these shopping refugees.
For customers who cannot shop and customers who want to shop but are too heavy to carry to their homes, Fuji Taxi, which is closely related to the local community, will work on a shopping agency service that delivers products to their homes.

Sightseeing taxi business

Iwakuni City has many tourism resources, such as the Kintaikyo Bridge and the Iwakuni Castle.
However, the availability of tourist taxis in Iwakuni City has been quite limited.
Fuji Taxi has recently started a new sightseeing taxi business that not only transports customers safely, but also maximizes the attractiveness of tourism resources throughout Iwakuni City to help enjoy a fulfilling sightseeing experience with peace of mind.

Health management

Fuji Taxi is certified as an excellent health management corporation. We are working on health management to support the health promotion of all employees, including drivers.
We aim to be a company where employees can work in good physical and mental health and strive for safe driving.
Currently, we are refraining from hiring smokers due to company policy based on the Health Promotion Law.

Women can work comfortably

Fuji Taxi aims to create an environment where women can work comfortably.
We support the qualification acquisition system, pregnancy / childbirth / child-rearing support system, and both career advancement and child-rearing.
We will carry out training that meets the needs of women so that they can work comfortably, such as business makeup courses, etiquette courses, yoga, beauty treatment salons, and English conversation classes.
We actively support the recruitment and social advancement of women.


We support the Sustainable Development Goals

At Fuji Taxi, we are particularly focusing on items "3" and "11".


Ensuring a healthy life for all people of all ages and promoting welfare


Make cities and human settlements comprehensive, safe, robust and sustainable

SDGs Icons

Fuji Taxi is working to solve social issues through its business in order to achieve the goals of the SDGs and realize a sustainable society.

Employee education efforts

Company Profile

Company name
Fuji Taxi Co., Ltd.
Ueki Hiromitsu
747-1 Yuumachi, Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture 740-1406
Date of establishment
August 1971
email address
Business content
  • General passenger car transportation business
    (Taxi / Jumbo taxi / Nursing taxi)
  • Sightseeing taxi business
  • Shopping agency business
number of employees
11 people
Among them, male: 9 / female: 2 (2 part-time jobs)
Owned vehicle
  • 5 hybrid taxis
  • 2 large welfare taxis
  • 1 Jumbo taxi 10-seater
Membership of professional institutions
  • SIESF Corporate supporter
  • PICC Public Interest Capitalism Promotion Council Corporate Supporter
  • Iwakuni Nishi Chamber of Commerce


Founded by Yu Sogyo Co., Ltd.
Company name changed to Fuji Taxi Co., Ltd.
Permission to enter the JR premises
Introduced welfare taxi
Business succession Change of representative director (Yomitsu Ueki) inaugurated
Relief project application permission (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)
Celebrate the 50th anniversary of its founding

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